@Migration Spotlight: Online Learning Platform

Over the last years, Europe faces a severe refugee and migration crisis. As a result, an unrepresented number of migrants and refugees move towards various EU countries in order to seek asylum and international protection. Arguably, migrants and refugees populations are going to be an integrated part of European societies in the near future, needs arise, as far as required skills from people are concerned, in order to be able to effectively deal with ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. 

This MOOC is offering innovative and creative activities and materials for helping migrant and refugee workers, including social workers, civil servants, doctors, psychologists, advisors and counselors, and other NGO officials and charity volunteers, to build inter­cultural competence. 

The activities will be incorporated in four different modules, namely: (1) (inter)cultural knowledge; (2) interpersonal skills; (3) team effectiveness; and (4) cultural empathy.