Bulgaria Alef

Center for Jewish-Bulgarian Cooperation “Alef” is a non-governmental organisation, established in Burgas, Bulgaria. It aims to explore and promote the deep cultural and historical ties between Bulgarians and Jews, to educate young people and society in general in history, to counteract against any form of fascism, xenophobia and totalitarianism, anti-democratic thought, terrorism, racism and anti-Semitism. For this aim the Center has been organizing a variety of events such as lectures, literary contest, celebrations, educational lessons and more. It has already conducted the project “Path of legends” on the program Interreg IPA Bulgaria-Turkey.

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Belgium UCLL

ucllVzw UC Limburg (formerly KHLim) is a Higher Education Institution in Flanders, collaborating under the name UC Leuven-Limburg with 2 other HEls: vzw UC Leuven (formerly KHLeuven) and vzw UC Leuven Comenius Lerarenopleidingen (formerly Group T). UC Leuven-Limburg is renowned for the high quality of its teaching, research & regional development. More than 30 professional bachelor, and lifelong learning study programmes are offered in various disciplines fields, with a focus on health care, social work, business & commerce, teacher education, science & technology. UC Leuven-Limburg’s strong commitment to research ensures state-of-art training programmes for its 15 000 students. Priority domains of the institution are: regional development, blended learning (including development of MOOCs and Open Data Platform), lifelong learning strategies, internationalisation & research. The research policy is focused on market-driven applied research. Central to the UC Leuven-Limburg’s mission in the field of research is to develop innovative technology for companies, and to transfer new technology to the market. UC Leuven-Limburg also provides consultancy and continuing education for local industries, organisations and governments. UC Leuven-Limburg is member of educational networks across the globe and strongly collaborates with local, regional and national policy-making bodies, resulting in a broad network of stakeholders.

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Greece Chamber of Chalkidiki

The Chamber of Chalkidiki, was established in 1991 by a Presidential Decree (Gov. Journal 7/24-01-1991) and it is based in Polygyros. It is a Public Legal Entity and it is a consulting and advisory body of the state, aiming at the local economic development and more generally at the National Economic Growth. Its purpose is to protect and develop trade, industry, handicraft and business within the framework of the national economic interests and especially to offer information, protection and development to its members. There are 11.000 active members registered at the Chamber currently.

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Austria FernFH

Founded in 2006, the Distance-Learning University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FernFH) is Austria’s first and only distance-learning higher education institution. FernFH offers a possible solution and effective support to the need for higher education of those who cannot commit themselves to traditional university studies. FernFH currently employs 20 academic staff members, 39 supporting staff members and 161 external lecturers. It offers bachelor degrees in Business Informatics, Business Administration and Psychology, and Aging Services Management, and master degrees in Business Informatics and Business Administration and Psychology. Furthermore, it offers the certificate programmes Evaluation in the Health, Social and Education Sector, NPO Management Basic, and NPO Management Advanced, as well as the MBA degree programme International Corporate Social Responsibility. Currently, it has over 800 students enrolled.

FernFH conducts socially relevant research with the main focus on application-oriented research. We are cooperating with national and international partners on this. FernFH’s overarching research focus

is `digitisation and virtualisation of society in all its specific aspects‘. Research areas are flexible and mobile working and learning, gender & diversity, information systems and information security, applications for digital aids in the health and education sector, and evaluation research. Our interdisciplinary research team consists of Psychologists, Social Scientists, Computer Scientists, Media Educationalists, and Business Economists.

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Cyprus Unic

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest private university in Cyprus with some 180 full time faculty and 90 part time in a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in education, special education, computer science, engineering, business, communications, and multimedia. The School of Education employs 22 full-time faculty and 32 part time while it offers degrees in Primary and Pre-primary Education, Masters degrees in Education (with 8 specializations), and PhD in Education . It has links with several pre-primary and k-12 schools with which it collaborates on several projects. UNIC’s degree programmes are accredited by the Cyprus Government, the NCA of USA and some European Accrediting Bodies. It currently has over 11000 students enrolled and around 28% of its student population are non-cypriots, something which makes it a multicultural institution where diversity and pluralism are valued.

The School of Education at UNIC has extensive experience participating in EU funded projects. One of the tasks of the research group within the School of Education is to conduct research to contribute to the improvement of education. In addition, we are experienced coordinators and participants of projects funded by the EU, the US Department of Education, and large corporations. We have strong expertise on special education, educational psychology, adult education, technology based learning, science education inclusive education, school improvement, social inclusion, intercultural education, teacher development, ICT, e-learning, distance education, collaborative inquiry, research, and evaluation. 

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