The project


Aim of the project “@MigrationSpotlight” is to develop and implement a Train-the-Trainer programme to enhance inter-cultural competences in refugee and migrant workers (e.g. social workers, teachers, civil servants, advisors and counselors, and other representatives of NGOs) using innovative and creative teaching/learning activities and materials. The activities and materials will be incorporated in four modules alongside the pillars of inter-cultural competences: 1) inter-cultural knowledge, 2) interpersonal skills, 3) team effectiveness, and 4) cultural empathy.

The EU level of the project will 1) enhance the development of inter-cultural awareness and competences in the project countries, 2) facilitate the development of innovative approaches, 3) foster and widen the competences of trainers, sharing the possibility to use innovative approaches, and 4) develop cooperation and networking between trainers and practitioners in different countries.

Activities and Outputs

The main activities and planned outputs of the project are the following:

Project oneResearch Report: The report will present the current migrant and refugee situation in the partner countries, the results of a literature review on cutting edge theories and best practices in the training of refugee and migrant workers as well as the results of the analysis of regional needs.

noteblokThe partners will prepare a booklet presenting the developed teaching/learning activities and materials for the four modules of the Train-the-Trainer programme, which will be translated in all partner countries’ languages.

growthGuideline for Inter-Cultural Mentoring and Interactive Tool: A mentoring procedure will be developed to shift trainers’ education policy away from ‘advice and guidance’ to ‘learning conversations’ and ‘co-construction of professional learning’. The Guideline will be accompanied by an online mentoring tool, including online tutorials and additional material.

presentationOnline Platform for E-Learning of Trainers: An online platform will be developed to host collaborative virtual environments where participants from different countries can work together as a group to construct and share knowledge. This platform aims to connect trainers and practitioners from the participating countries.

presentationNational Multiplier Events: In each partner country a national event will be organised to inform the relevant stakeholders about the projects’ aims and activities and to engage interested persons as trainers.

joint staff trainingShort Term Joint Staff Training Event: A Summer School for persons working with migrants and refugees will be organised in Greece to prepare them to use the @MigrationSpotlight Training Programme, the Guideline for Inter-cultural Mentoring and the Online Platform.