Work packages

WP1: Management and Coordination

WP leader: Alef

Objectives: The aims of this work package are:

  • to ensure the smooth running of the project in accordance with the timetable set;
  • to ensure that the sharing of responsibilities is consistent with the partnership agreement;
  • to ensure that the expected outputs can be achieved;
  • to ensure a consistently exchange of information between partners.
WP2: Research Report

WP leader: Alef

Objectives: The aims of this work package are

  • to provide an up-to-date evidence base by identifying cutting edge theories and other best practices in the training of refugee and migrant workers;
  • to analyse the current migrant and refugee situation in the partner countries and regional needs.

The resulting research report will be the projects’ first output (Output 1).

WP3: Train-the-Trainer Package (TTT Package)

WP leader: University of Nicosia

Objectives: The TTT-Package (Output 2) will be the basis for the development of the teaching / learning materials and tools to be used by the project partners and their experts during the training activities. The aim of this work package is to develop a concept (including methodology, training materials and tools) with which the partners will be able to provide training and preparation towards their experts so as to be competent and well informed for the usage of the project outputs.

WP4: @MigrationSpotlight Training Program

WP leader: Alef

The consortium will prepare a booklet (Output 3) presenting the developed teaching / learning activities and materials based on the results of WP2 (Output 1: research report) and WP3 (Output 2: TTT Package). The activities and materials will be incorporated in four modules alongside the pillars of inter-cultural competences: 1) inter-cultural knowledge, 2) interpersonal skills, 3) team effectiveness, and 4) cultural empathy. Each partner will develop 3 activities for each of the modules.

WP5: Guideline for Inter-cultural Mentoring and Interactive Tool

WP leader: Chamber of Chalkidiki

Objectives: The aim of this work package is to develop a mentoring procedure to shift trainers’ education policy away from ‘advice and guidance’ to ‘learning conversations’ and ‘co-construction of professional learning’. The Guideline (Output 4) will be accompanied by an online mentoring tool, including online tutorials and additional material.

WP6: Online Platform

WP leader: UCLL

Objectives: An online platform (Output 5) will be developed to host collaborative virtual environments where participants from different countries can work together as a group to construct and share knowledge. This platform aims to connect trainers and practitioners from the participating countries. The online platform will consist of

  • online training course based on output 2
  • mentoring tool based on output 4
  • videos and exercises

and will also have links and connections with the project website.

WP7: Delivery of the trainings

WP leader: Alef

Objectives: This work package will concern the delivery of the capacity building trainings. These include national multiplier events in each of the partner countries and a Short-term joint staff training event (Summer School) in Greece. The trainings will be organised to facilitate working with the project outputs (@MigrationSpotlight Training Programme, Guideline for Inter-cultural Mentoring, Online Platform).

module Advanced settings.

WP8: Pilot-testing of the project outputs and their fine-tuning

WP leader: Chamber of Chalkidiki

Pilot testing of the developed teaching / learning materials and tools will take place in all project countries according to a guideline which defines all procedures and requirements of the pilot testing. Based on the results the developed materials and adaptations will be made where necessary.

WP9: Promotion, dissemination and exploitation activities

WP leader: FernFH

Objectives: In order to maximise the impact of the project, a Communication and Dissemination Strategy is implemented right at the beginning of the project. In order to establish an effective dissemination process, all project partners are aware of and committed to ensure broad and extensive dissemination and exploitation of the project results throughout the whole course of the project. The project partners will communicate the objectives of the project and disseminate project results to multiple stakeholders at different levels using a variety of channels. Dissemination actions will be as well continuously monitored and adjusted according to emerging needs and changing conditions during the project.

WP10: Quality control, monitoring and evaluation

WP leader: Alef

Objectives: The work package aims at maintaining a general level of quality within the project. A quality board will be appointed comprised of the representatives of all project partners to support the quality control activities. The consortium will develop an evaluation concept to ensure the quality of the project.